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Why Work with Me?

I wanted to create a simple page to help you see my qualifications, skills, and talents laid out in a way that would help you know if I could help you. I am continuously learning and seeking greater understanding in the areas that I provide services, and I am so joyful about offering quality education and coaching based on trustworthy resources and up to date guidelines and information.


I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have learned how to assess clients, create programming specific to their needs, and continually monitor progress AND enjoyment within their efforts.

I am a certified Women’s Fitness Specialist, also through NASM. I have been trained to understand the variables that come with different phases of a woman’s life and understand physiological differences that can be accounted for to create effective training programs.

I am a certified pre and postnatal coach through GGS. I have studied and learned to apply up to date and effective protocol for women in the stage of life of conceiving children, going through pregnancy, and rehabilitating and transitioning to motherhood in the birth and postpartum phases. I am extremely passionate about safe, effective, and enjoyable self care during this period of life and have taken extreme care to learn how to work as part of your team.

I am completing certification as a yoga teacher (vinyasa) and meditation teacher. I am in the process and will probably always be learning more about the simple, ancient, and time-tested wisdom of mindfulness. I have learned about trauma informed yoga, yoga Nidra, and yoga therapy for anxiety, and enjoy incorporating these principles with those I work with.

I am certified through Brooke Snow’s Creation Coach School. Brooke has been a mentor to me and I am grateful to have had the experience of learning and participating in her program and learning more about myself and how to help others, particularly in learning more about connecting the dots between science, faith, and ancient wisdom.

I am a DONA trained doula currently working through the certification process. I have been trained to help educate and support women physically, spiritually, emotionally, as well as their partners and families throughout the preparation for labor and all through the birth experience.

I graduated with a bachelors degree in Special Education with a severe emphasis. Although I am no longer working full time as a teacher, the principles I learned of individualizing instruction and creating personalized goals and plans in invaluable in my current field of work.

I have taken courses (up to university level) and have studied continuously to maintain current knowledge of nutrition, exercise science, mental health, spirituality, communication, coaching, and other related topics.

Despite the knowledge and certifications I have obtained, I recognize my limitations and promise an experience in which I will refer you to proper professionals if your needs outweigh my qualifications.

I am different from other professionals in my field. Rather than jumping on bandwagons and fads I choose to base my coaching and training based on the research I gather from multiple sides of every issue, as well as the truth that every individual is different. I don’t make untrue claims or promises for fast fixes and dramatic before and afters to post on social media; I do offer you an experience in which I know you can find progress and growth in your life, an experience that will mean a lot more than a picture you can post on social media.


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